Shri Suresh Agrawal

Shri Suresh Agrawal, is the Chairman and the most experienced member of Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur, since 1957.

The Pharmacy profession is a noble profession in the Pharmaceutical field that caters the need of medicine to the society. The mission of Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy is Health Education.

We aim at helping youth to discover their potential, and especially to develop young student who possess knowledge and confidence to keep pace with the rapidly changing world and increasing competition, without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence. Education is the manifestation of divine perfection already existing in human being.

It is a process by which an individual learns how to adapt himself to physical, social and spiritual environment gradually in various ways. In this process, training enables the individual to enhance their skills in their endeavor and in a sympathetic manner. It is with this intent that Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy has devoted its efforts to providing of hi-tech classrooms, well equipped laboratories, best infrastructure, and modern facilities for our students.

We are a premier Group of Institutions dedicated to grooming our students into world-class professionals. Our well disciplined and professionally qualified team of teachers and educators help in imparting discrete value-based education to our young scholars.

AIP as an institute believes in disseminating this positivity among its pupils. Right at the onset of the first year, students are taught to value themselves for what they are and to train themselves rigorously for what they would become in the following years. Our effort is to provide a happy, caring, supportive and unpretentious environment where every student can flourish and reach their best.

I welcome you to the Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy – A place where you can feel the difference.

Shri Naresh Singhal

Shri Naresh Singhal is the General Secretary of Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur.

We carve the raw students into magnificent and competent professionals in their desired fields.

Our Institution provides value-based education with the aim of developing a holistically healthy attitude in our students. The institution not only believes in empowering youth, but also developing their personalities in such a fashion that they can face the challenges of the world outside the college premises, with as much ease as within. Moral Education, for us is as

important as Academic Education. Our students are enthused with positivity, because enthusiasm and positive mindset play a vital role in making one successful.

Besides, the moral and ethical orientation through spiritual lectures also holds a place of prime importance at the institute. All these efforts germinate in the form of our students developing into thoughtful professionals who are team players and develop skills necessary to be successful in their life beyond the college.

Education in the present world has come out of the peripheries of curriculum learning. It has become a holistic approach whose outcome should be triggered towards the betterment of society. The stronger its professionalism, the better the future becomes.

I welcome the entire young mind to the Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy – A place where you can discover a unique tradition.

Shri Yogesh Bansal

Shri Yogesh Bansal is the Secretary of Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur

At that juncture, the institute stands firm and committed to convert their infant dreams into majestic realities by providing them with a powerful platform. This platform enables them to experiment with their thoughts, reshape and reinvent their personalities and above all, gives them the strength to decide their path for the future.

It has been our earnest effort to facilitate our students with an exposure which trains them not just for technological superiority, but also for suitably shaping them for global careers.

We are proud of our well-earned reputation for academic from the earlier batches of D. Pharma students. They have kept our commitment by being securely well placed in various sectors of the field of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Each student of our institute is a brick that helps us build a strong building. From the single block to the present monumental structure, from a handful of faculty members to the present brigade of teachers, the institute has witnessed many positive developments. Whatever has been achieved appears small in comparison to what is still to be achieved. Yet, the battle is already half won, if we can act as a catalyst in our students’ lives. Good wishes to our new students.

In Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy, the environment of study is very disciplined which motivates each student to work hard & to develop self-confidence and a winning attitude. The qualified experienced faculty motivates each student to give his best academic result & to participate in extra curriculum activities like sports, cultural, debate, seminars, visit to course relate industries for practical training.

We welcome you to this Institution, and hope that together we can enhance our own potential and also help India to become a world leader in Science and Technology.

Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kumar Gupta

Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kumar Gupta is the Principal of Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur.

Prof. Gupta is an eminent Researcher, Innovator, and Pharmacist, who is credited with publishing more than 100 scientific research and review paper in international and national journals, conferences and seminars etc. and he also published book (Success Mantra) for competitive exam for student. His major areas of research interest are Pharmaceutical Sciences especially in Pharmaceutics.

Only when the seeds are sown carefully, only when the saplings are nurtured properly, stand tall and strong trees that bear the fruits of high quality. The same goes with imparting education to the raw students, who join our institute from every nook and corner of the country.

Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy provides an optimum environment for students who do not just have academic aspirations, but also a scientific vision.

The Pharmacy programme at Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy is designed to meet the challenges and requirements of Pharma and Health Industry globally. Our earnest attempt is to produce world-class pharmacist for converting global challenges into opportunities through value embedded quality technical education.

Apart from academics, the students are equally active participants in social service projects, sports, various competitions and cultural activities.

I welcome you to the Agrawal Institute of Pharmacy – Where you can achieve new horizon.